How Yoga and Massage Therapy Relates: Simple Tips you Should Know

Yoga is another form of lifestyle practice that is very important for the body. It is enjoyable and can be done on a simple routine. While at it is very vital to keep your head together so that you can focus on the benefits that you stand to enjoy.

If done properly, you will easily enjoy the experience and an awesome feel good touch that some other practices may not quite deliver. The best way to enjoy your yoga is to always combine it with the following practices whenever possible.

  • Bodyweight workout routine
  • Massage therapy body routine
  • Meditation practices/ routines

While bodyweight exercises may be easy to learn, that might not be quite true with meditation and massage therapy. Especially massage, you will find that combining massage therapy with yoga requires the help of an expert and also vast understanding of the whole process.

The most common massage therapy practices that will improve yoga include deep tissue massage therapy, Swedish massage, Sports massage, Thai, and Shiatsu among the rest. Others such as aromatherapy might only help in sedation and possibly relaxation. They are not quite ideal for yoga practices.

However, as an expert, I would easily recommend the use of massage and yoga basically for the following reasons.

Both practices will improve flexibility. From the movement of the joints to opening up any muscle knots, deep tissue massage therapy will work so well with yoga to boost flexibility and improve the final body movements and also rotations.

Both practices will boost immunity too. Like it is said, an active body is super cool in keeping sicknesses away. With maximum body activities you will realize that yoga when combined with massage therapy will easily boost your immunity too.

Both practices will also relieve stress. Massage reduces the levels of stress causing hormones. Yoga on the other side improves sleeping patterns which are important for relaxation. In turn they will both prevent you from any forms of fatigues.

Both practices ease muscle pains too. When you are flexible, when your muscles are fully stretched, or when you have been massaged to ease up any forms of muscle knots you will realize that your body remains free of any form of pain.

Both practices speed up healing process. Injuries cause soft tissues. This is especially common for athletes. However with restorative techniques such as Perth couples massage and also yoga will help in decreasing pain and improving healing.

Both practices also improve alertness. When you work out or when you receive massage therapy your mind cools off and also helps you to maximize on the type of mind alertness that you get. This is vital for your daily activities and also general work.

When you relax your body gets more rest too. This allows it to freshen up and come back stronger massage therapy and yoga gives you all these in a single package. You can always ask your therapist to recommend a yoga class.


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