What You Need To Know Before Getting a Thai Massage

Thai massage is increasingly becoming popular in the Spa industry. The treatment is offered as heading modality around the globe in Spas and gifted therapists. If you want to enjoy Thai massage at a local spa or at home, there are a few things that you need to know so that you can get the most from it.

Originates in Buddhist India

One of the least known facts about Thai massage is that it originates in Buddhist India. The treatment employs the Buddhist yoga principles that were founded by Acharya Jivaka who was a personal physician to the Buddha about 2500 years ago. Jivanka was a meditator and developed this technique on the principles of SEN (lines through which energy flows). The energy is not a metaphysical thing but rather a palpable and real phenomenon. An experienced therapist will be able to feel the flow of blood, neural activity and mechanical tension along the SEN energy lines. These techniques and principles have spread to Southeast Asia where they’ve been blended with local healing traditions to make what is known around the world as Thai Massage.


Why should you receive a Thai Massage?

Thai massage has many benefits. For example, it helps to relieve muscular and joint pain that arises from occupational, sports and fitness activities. It also helps to relieve depression, stress and anxiety which are very common conditions today. When Thai Massage is performed well, it helps to realign your posture while improving circulation through your body.

Thai massage also helps to manage hypertension, low back pain, diabetes, IBS and cervical spondylitis. A well performed Thai massage perth session also helps to loosen and relax your muscles so that you feel energized throughout the day.

It is not a sexual service

It is unfortunate that crooked operators have been offering Thai massage as a sexual service. Thai massage was initially practiced by monks in Buddhist monasteries. Among civilians, the technique was used as a family art.

Thai massage is usually done on a thin floor mat with the receiver and therapist fully dresses. It involved stretching, compression and mobilization of the receiver’s body. The best thing about this massage is that it can be performed in an open room. In Thailand, you will find several dozens of therapists giving Thai massage on a sidewalk.

You are prohibited from getting Thai massage if….

You have cancer or fever. Because Thai massage increase the circulation of blood, any kind of malignant growth or infection can spread and affect other tissues.

What to tell your therapist

Just like any other type of massage modality, certain techniques of this treatment are contraindicated for individuals who have varicose veins, high blood pressure, cerebral strokes, heart disease, menstruation, osteoporosis, arthritis, slip disc and pregnancy. Therefore, you will want to mention this to your therapist.

When you are receiving Thai massage, you want to make sure that you ask questions. It is also important that you see a doctor before receiving Thai massage.


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