How to Start you Quit Smoking Routine

It has been established that smoking is really dangerous to the health and poses a lot of impending complications. But the problem does not only stop there because once you decided to quit smoking, withdrawal symptoms are very hard to surpass. This is because of the nicotine in your body.

Basically, the nicotine comes from Tobacco plant. The leaves of the plant is then dried, smoked and or sniffed. Aside from the addictive nicotine, tobacco plant also contains Tar which is a chemical that causes cancer. But once a smoker becomes addicted to nicotine, it gives them a sense of comfort, satisfaction and calm. Smokers would argue that the addiction helps them to be concentrated and attentive. By the time you become so engrossed, quitting seem very hard.

How to Start you Quit Smoking Routine


Experts made up an acronym as a simple way to remember when completely breaking up with smoking.

  • Set a quit date. You choose the date when you want to quit. Experts suggests choosing a quit date after 2 weeks.


  • Telling family, friends and colleagues. It is important to involve these people when quitting to smoke. They are your primary support group and gives your encouragement when you face challenges along the way.


  • Anticipating the challenges. They say don’t go to a battle unarmed. It is the same as in quitting to smoke. There will be challenges ahead and it is best to prepare for them than be surprised.


  • Remove temptations. Remove all tobacco products from your sight because it will just tempt you to go back to smoking again. Clean your room and wash your clothes so that you be able to smell the cigar and linger on it.


  • Talk to experts. Talking to doctors will help a lot when you want to quit smoking. The doctors will be able to help you with the withdrawal symptoms and can even prescribe you with medications. There are also quit smoking Brisbane hypnotherapy which prove to be very helpful because the coaches guide you to completely be nicotine-free for the rest of your life.


Once you decide to quit smoking, you can do other natural and healthy lifestyle to combat and excrete the nicotine in your body.  One of the advantages of exercising is that it lessens your cravings for nicotine. Exercising help you focus and reduce stress level. It also provides positive outcome and helps you become leaner and healthier. Exercising along with proper diet and regular appointment to a quit smoking hypnotherapy session turns out the best in you.


Other distractions

Once you find yourself on the verge of giving up your “quit smoking routine” all you need to do is distract yourself.  Watch television shows, or call your friend. Or visit the quit smoking hypnotherapy near you that lingering voice calling you to smoke again will be shut down.

Quitting smoking is a long process and it takes baby steps to be completely nicotine-free. You should reward yourself every week of accomplishment by eating out or buying something for yourself. This will encourage you to continue what you’re doing and push yourself to reach the end of the line.


How to Overcome the Side Effects of Quit Smoking

It’s really hard to say goodbye and let go of something that you were extremely attached with. One of the greatest challenge in life is the parting implementation of something introduced to you and had become really close to you. And when you realize that it’s already gone, you would strongly want it more than ever that you manifest gloom and inadequacy. Smoking cigarette is one of the most common, unhealthy habits of people. You probably have those family members, friends or acquaintances who hardly skip one day without lighting up their cigarette and having the pleasure of inhaling the very addictive nicotine vapor.Breaking the bad habit of smoking is a very long and difficult process that sometimes take you so many years before you finally achieve a successful goal. Each year, a lot of people decide to quit smoke. However, not all of them end up with a favorable outcome. The side effects of quitting smoke are really difficult to handle. You can feel the physical urge and cravings to smoking after you quit from doing it. You feel depression, anxiety and many psychological attacks will haunt you.You must be able to conquer these in order to become what you want to be without cigarette. Letting go of cigarette that you truly love could be emotionally as hard as letting go of your lover when you realize you’re not meant for each other. Except that you can find another person to love but you shouldn’t find another cigarette to love, again.

How to Overcome the Side Effects of Quit Smoking

Smoking leads people to develop many health problems that could be very deadly.  Quitting smoke is one of the most profound and excellent choice you can ever make in your life. But handling the effects of getting over smoke is very difficult. It’s never too late for you to make the most out of the rest of your life. When it gets harder than you thought, think that there’s always a way out.

Commit to change

It would be very tempting to smoke again especially when you’re in the “getting over” and “moving on” stage of the process. Take it easy. Give your cravings a moment to pass off. When you feel like your routine is not operational, then set a new one. Make a plan and write down your plan of action for the following days in the process of smoke withdrawal. Occupy your mind with many things other than smoking. Set everything in your lifestyle opposed to smoking and think about all the negative effects from smoking that will put your life in danger.

Reprogram your mind

Sometimes all it takes to break free from smoking is a simple guidance to digging deeper in your thoughts and pulling out any idea that is keeping you attached with smoking. Quit smoking hypnosis is one strategy that helps you to fully break away from smoking and start life healthily. Through this, we could learn an easy and quick way to change the bad behaviours such as smoking.

Breaking away from a habit such as smoking is a struggle. But we will never run out of ways to accomplish this goal. Remember that if there’s a will, there’s a way to start again although not fresh, but highly better.