Six Definite Effects of Abusing Medical Marijuana

Marijuana is a Mexican term that was originally applied to low quality tobaccoJ, the plant was originally cultivated in China for therapy and recreation. Today however, marijuana has overtaken the events of time and become one of the most revered plants across the US. It has been legalized and can today be used by anyone who is an adult for various health benefits.

In the last 10 years alone marijuana has played a vital role in the use in addressing various health problems and diseases including Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, depression, migraines, suppression of cancer, and suppression of extreme pains. But this is only so when marijuana is used accordingly and within the directives of a physician.


If not, marijuana can turn out to be a very dangerous drug with very harmful side effects. Here are some of the side effects that any medical marijuana user will experience in case they choose to overuse medical marijuana, abuse the drug, or take an overdose as opposed to what was originally prescribed to them by the doctor or say physician.

  1. Marijuana causes depression. You will find yourself using the drug to try and get rid of depression. This instead leads to abuse and more depression. The signs of depression could mean overeating, withdrawal from social circles, and also gaining weight. You could also lose your sense of judgment overtime.
  1. Marijuana causes withdrawal. When the drug is not accessible many marijuana abusers will face severe withdrawal signs and symptoms. This develops into uncontrollable cravings and in turn very damaging results. Withdrawal symptoms are in fact very dangerous if they come together with stress that has accumulated overtime.
  1. Marijuana causes physical problems. Constant abuse of marijuana will increase your breathing, heighten your heartbeat, blood rate, and thus makes the body to overwork. This will speed up your aging process and leave you looking older than you really are. In turn it increases the risks of chronic diseases including lung cancer, strokes, and heart attacks.
  1. Marijuana decreases testosterone. In male the overuse of marijuana causes a decrease in testosterone. This could easily lead to enlarged breasts and poor body shape among other things. On female, marijuana abuse will lead to increased testosterone in women that can easily cause irregular menstrual periods in women.
  1. Marijuana can lead to infertility. In case you stop using marijuana as prescribed by your doctor you could easily find yourself having low sperm count and an increase in immature or under developed sperms. However the use of marijuana in the right doses does not cause this and will definitely leave you with very healthy sperms.
  1. Marijuana also causes irritable effects. Among other irritable effects are anxiety, anger, violence, red eyes, dry mouth, and uneven bursts. This only happens when marijuana is abused or over used.

In case you are business owner who is looking to indulge in marijuana business, you should sensitize your clients on the proper use of medicinal marijuana. Include such programs in your sample dispensary business plan and make sure you set aside funds for it.


Richard Grannon

Richard Grannon was born and raised in the UK where he went to the best educational centers for his professional studies. As a young man Grannon wanted to become a professional life coach. Because of this he attended the prestigious Aston University in Birmingham and graduated with a BSc in Psychology.  A professional background in psychology helped him to improve his skills, practice, and eventually become a full fledged life coach.

Today Richard Grannon is a practicing as a professional Spartan life coach. He is highly recognized, knowledgeable, professional, and inspirational. Richard has in fact positively impacted the lives of many people across the world and is greatly admired by friends and foes alike. Richard’s main specialty as a life coach is the Spartan Life Coaching Technique.

Richard Grannon

This is a set of life coaching discipline that uses specific Spartan values especially those of strength, self discipline, and bravery to bring out the very best in each and every individual that seeks to use them for a life changing experience. Spartan Life Coaching is a great way to break off any fears and anxieties and above all make practical life changing decisions of your own.

With this celebrated and highly professional background Richard has been able to integrate a realistic professional knowledge in psychology together with the right Spartan life coaching techniques to achieve excellent results for all his clients irrespective of their age, race, or origin. Grannon has also has also boosted this by practicing under some of the most experienced and highly recognized professional life coaches including Richard Bandler.

Because of this he founded a great start to his career and easily consolidated his strengths to achieve some of the most prolific solutions to his practice with one major one being developing the Neuro- Linguistic Programming (NLP), a tool that works independently to enhance the communication systems between narcissistic victims and life coaching practitioners. NLP triggers maximum reach to these victims and helps them to come up with some of the most practical solutions yet. It was a highly successful program that has earned Grannon and co-founder Bandler a Master Practitioner Certification.

Apart from finding the most practical life coaching solutions Grannon has greatly transformed the highly demystified life coaching areas of narcissistic abuse and complex PTSD situations.  He has become an advocator of the Narcissistic abused individuals and worked with them across many nations including the UK, Portugal, and Malaysia.

Achieving practical solutions is no surprise as Grannon has acquired practical skills that have enhanced his result oriented practice. These skills include extra skills in teaching, training, blogging, entrepreneurship, public speaking, and social networking. They have been ideal in advocating for life coaching.

Smoking with a Purpose Healthier Ways to Consume Marijuana

Marijuana is the next big thing in the world of legal herbs. Many people have turned to it ever since its medicinal qualities became certain. Today most people will live to cherish the weed for its ability to address these health issues that include the following.

  • Severe pain – by acting as a painkiller.
  • Glaucoma – by restoring the ability of sight.
  • Insomnia – by boosting regular sleeping patterns.
  • Cancer – by suppressing the growth of cancer causing cells.
  • HIV/Aids – boosting the body’s immunity against diseases.

But even though cannabis is one of the most recently celebrated legal herbs still hitting on a blunt can expose you to some impurities that might aggravate specific health complications in your body. That’s why finding very healthy ways to enjoy your smoke is extremely important. Here are some specific habits that you could go with.

Smoking with a Purpose Healthier Ways to Consume Marijuana

Choose to smoke less dangerous additives. Many stoners mix their cannabis with other legal herbs including lavender and green tea. Others even go a step further to get a mixture of tobacco in the same. Tobacco is dangerous to your health and can lead to ectopic pregnancy, lung and colon cancer, blindness, and Type II Diabetes. Don’t add such herbs blindly to your weed.

Choose to spend wisely on your cannabis. There is already too much cannabis for just a single stoner. The sooner you realize that the safer your health and wallet will be. Or else you might end up spending all your money buying different types of weeds until you run broke. Bargain if you can or simply stick to one specific strain that’s very much ideal for your condition.

Choose to go around the pleasure too. Use vaporizers or buy water pipes. Vaporizing or the use of water pipes is a great way to consume smoke that’s free of impurities and which is extremely healthy for your health. Water pipes for instance get rid of up to 95% of impurities in your cannabis. Buy silicone water pipes or shop around for other ideal models that you can get.

Choose to take control of your life. No one is the captain of the ship, you are. Whatever amount of cannabis you choose to smoke, how, and when depends on you. Well governments set policies that regulate the trade but some people still go ahead to break them anyway. Be disciplined with your smoke and choose the right quantities for you.

If you must enjoy your smoke think of the healthiest options to go with and find out if they can give you the maximum thrill you seek.

Simple Facts You Should Know About Oral Health

Maintaining a great oral health is important, period! There is no short cut to that. In order to have the perfect dental/ oral health you must consume the right type of diet, brush your teeth properly with fluoride, floss at least twice a day or in between meals, and visit your dentist for routine and annual dental checkups. Here are some of the most ideal dental facts that you must keep in mind.

Simple Facts You Should Know About Oral Health

Improper Eating and Oral Health

Healthy and ideal eating habits will improve your dental health. It can change the PH of your mouth from high level acidity to ideal alkaline levels that don’t support the survival of cavity prone bacteria. It will provide ideal levels of water to wash of food deposits, keep your body hydrated, and also help to give you the perfect scrub to the teeth. Eat foods rich in calcium or phosphorus to prevent enamel loss. Other nutritional backed tooth problems include swelling, dysfunctional salivation, sensitivity, and lesions. Talk to your dentist for more about them.

Aging Process and Oral Health

From the view of Dr. Ali, an expert orthodontist in San Francisco our risk periodontal diseases often go up as we advance in age. Meaning that proper healthcare will be our only remedy for better dental healthcare as the years slip by. But how does age do this? The rate of wear and tear rises as we age, the immunity levels decreases and our gums become more susceptible to many health complications, our financial capacity weakens with retirement and we cannot afford any ideal dental health cover/ insurance and finally we can sustain chronic diseases.

Added Sugars and Oral Health

Added sugars are one of the main reasons many people seek Invisalign Orthodontics. But how do added sugars really cause dental health problems? The frequencies that we consume these sugars in are what heighten oral healthcare complications. It is this main reason that sodas and energy drinks are extremely dangerous – sugar containing beverages provides repeated hits of sugar on the teeth. And since most of them are highly acidic they promote demineralization and expose us to many dental complications including gingival inflammation and tooth cavities.

Extreme dental abrasions, cracked teeth, tooth erosion, and cavities will force you to lose your tooth. According to invisalign San Francisco you should practice proper dental care and visit a qualified dental expert frequently.

Health Benefits of Using Protein Supplements

Protein supplements can be bused by anyone who wishes to get extra protein that they may not be getting in their diets. These supplements are widely used by people who are undergoing diabetes and cancer treatments as well as those who are trying to cut weight, heal wounds and much more.

Proteins are made of amino acids and they are the main ingredients in protein supplements. They have many health benefits to the body, including meals replacement for people who are on diet and growth of muscle. They also heal injured muscles after a workout.

What are protein supplements?

Before we get down to what a protein supplement is, it is important that you understand what a protein is.

A protein is a large complex substances consisting of amino acids. They can also be defined as essentials of living organisms. The body breaks down amino acids in order to build muscles. If you don’t get the right amount of protein, you won’t gain muscle regardless of the number of hours you workout. Protein supplements are taken to provide your body with protein needed when it is not getting enough from the food you eat.

scoops of protein powder

Benefits of using protein supplements

Liquid proteins are easy to digest and this is one of the main benefits of using supplement proteins. They are also one of the best dietary supplements for people who don’t eat meat as well as those who don’t eat enough meat.

Protein supplements are also essential workout aids as they help you to build muscle faster and easily. You can find healthy protein in various foods, but in today’s world, many people find themselves eating on the run, which means that they are not getting the right nutrition. They also provide most of the nutrients that your body needs to keep you healthy.

Another interesting thing about protein supplements is that they are easy and quick to ingest. It will only take you a few minutes to make your supplement smoothie in the morning that it would take to prepare a cup of coffee.

Who can use protein supplements?

Liquid protein supplements make one of the best meal replacements if you are on diet. Athletes need a lot of protein for building muscles. Protein supplements are also used by medial patients. Generally, protein supplements are good for everyone.

Is whey protein good for you?

Although whey protein is derived from milk, it is great for the overall health of the body. Whey protein is widely used by people because it helps to increase levels of glutathione antioxidants in the body.

This protein also helps to build muscle mass, reduce workout injuries, and also helps you to feel great while working out. Whey protein is included in many diet supplements in the market today. You can also buy supplement powders that you can mix with fruit and ice for that tasty smoothie.

If you are body builder then you should take protein supplements. It is important that who are using them to learn everything there is to know about them. But avoid taking too much of protein supplements.

Top Infertility Facts Everyone Should Know

If you are unable to get pregnant after one year of regular trial or if you are unable to carry your pregnancy to termination, it can be said that you are infertile. I order to get pregnant a woman’s body must release an egg from her ovary(s), this process is called ovulation. The egg follows the fallopian tube and is fertilized along the way with a healthy sperm from the man before going in to the uterus (womb) and implanting itself on the uterus wall. Without this complete process you won’t be able to get pregnant (you’d be infertile).

According to a research by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) over 10% of the women in the US between the ages of 15 – 44 have difficulty getting pregnant. This shows that infertility is indeed a very common problem like many IVF experts in San Diego point out.

Contrary to what many people think infertility isn’t just a woman’s problem. It cuts across all sexes and can be caused by the following factors.

In The Men

Infertility is caused by low sperm count, the varicocele problem that leads to overheating of the testicles and eventual loss of sperm shapes, poor sperm transportation due to blockages on the sperm duct, injury and infection of the epididymis, hormonal imbalances due to pituitary tumors and many other sperm production problems including undescended testes, torsion, and retrograde or premature ejaculation.

In Women

In women infertility can be caused by ovulation disorders such as polycystic ovary syndrome and hyperprolactemia, severe uterine or cervical abnormalities including opening of the cervix, shape or cavity of the uterus/ womb, presence of tumors such as uterine fibroids, salpingitis usually the inflammation of the fallopian tubes, endometriosis that occurs when endometrial tissue implants and grows outside the uterus.

Other Facts

Typically a number of factors can increase the risk of infertility in both men and women. They include smoking, age, exposure to environmental toxins such as pesticides, benzene toluene, xylene, and other organic solvents. In addition to that are heavy alcohol use, drug or substance abuse, poor diet, and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). But not to worry all these factors that cause infertility can be treated the many infertility treatments that we have today.

In order to find out if couples are fertile doctors will perform common infertility tests such as an X-ray on the fallopian tube and the uterus, or a minor surgery that allows them to have a view of the abdomen the latter can easily allow doctors to find scarring and endometriosis. The two tests are referred to as hysterosalpingography and laparoscopy.

There are a number of options that doctors can use to treat infertility including the use of medi – care, behavioral therapy, and assisted reproductive technology.

Most Assisted Reproductive Technology have been used to successfully help the many people who are facing infertility today. They include Artificial Insemination, In Vitro Fertilization and Gestational Surrogacy among others. Because of these remedies infertility has been controlled.

What You Should Know About Choosing Cannabis Strains

With many states in the US legalizing the use of medical marijuana, choosing the right strain has never been easier. Today with just a visit to one dispensary you’d be given numerous options for your strains for any healthcare problem that medical cannabis can address. From glaucoma, Aids, to cancer you’d be covered. But what should you know before settling for your medical cannabis strains? Read along to find out more.

The two main cannabinoids are the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). THC is what makes up for most medicinal marijuana strains. CBD represents a smaller fraction. Let us take a potent strain of up to 19% THC. Such a strain will typically contain less than 1% CBD. In many occasions CBD is never considered as psychoactive however it has been determined that it very vital in moderating the effects of THC in the body.

What You Should Know About Choosing Cannabis Strains

A strain with less cannabidiol content could contain just about 0.6% CBD. Indica strains have so CBD content compared to their Sativa cousins. But with so much research going on today many ideal stains with high CBD levels are being developed to help patients in smooth use of cannabis without too much experiences of psychoactive effects.

If you are using the cannabis indica strains you should know that these strains create sedative feeling. This feeling helps in relaxing the muscles and reducing body tensions. It is because of this effect that indica strains are used in treating all muscle spasms and tremors. They can also be used to treat chronic pain, rheumatic arthritis, insomnia, and overall body stiffness among other things.

Sativa strains on the other hand will leave the user with a highly cerebral energetic effect through the entire body and mind. This is because they are low CBD. These strains are known to treat the nauseas, stimulate appetite, address chronic pains including migraines, and suppress depression.

However because of unending medical research, the medical cannabis industry has been able to develop new strains by fusing indica and sativa strains. These strains are called hybrid strains. In fact they are pretty ideal for your clients and if you are opening a dispensary in Florida you must take your time to educate your patients about them. Combining these two strains is the most ideal of creating mental clarity and reducing on all the sedative effects of medicinal cannabis.

If you want to experience high levels of success with medicinal marijuana you will need to use an ideal combination of these strains. But going for sativa strains during the day will be pretty cool since they will keep you awake. Using indica is awesome during the night when you want to hit the sack, while to crown it all up, hybrids can easily offer you the best of both worlds.

It very important to understand that your cannabis needs might change every day and that’s why finding an expert’s help is very important. In fact you can only get your marijuana patient’s card if you have a physician’s recommendation.

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